Medical Application of Function Generator - MAFG-03.01 device - use:

The MAFG-03.01, a CE certificated device, is indicated for the detection/killing of pathogenic micro-organisms from the human body, each of them having their own electromagnetic resonant frequency (electromagnetic signature). It uses a non-invasive method.
Proper selection of the parameters needed to detect/kill certain pathogens is essential for efficacy of the scanning/therapy of the human body by using the MAFG-03.01 device.
Detection/killing specific pathogens procedures can be automated using implemented software facilities.
The device works in the domains of biological window spectrum of existence of microorganisms that can be detected with Real Time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) but because of their particular structure can not yet be destroyed by chemical or biological drugs. (Viruses, mycoplasma, nanobacteria, Borella, Ehrlich, toxopalasmosa, Chagas, dengue). In these situations there is the unique opportunity to make the specific non invasive therapy with the device.
The MAFG-03.01 medical device has two identical channels galvanically isolated between them respectively isolated from the power supply and USB cables that ensure the connections with an external laptop / PC.
In order to determine the frequency response in the form of current / frequency or impedance / frequency graphics, software packages embedded in the channel microcontroller are designed and installed and software packages are installed on your laptop / PC that provides synchronization between the generated signal and measured voltage and current values.

The device can be used:
  • as generator of sinusoidal, triangular or rectangular electrical signals with programmable frequency, phase and amplitude, having the option of automatic or manual setting of these parameters
  • as medical device for determining the response to signal frequency in six circuits in the human of the body, as follows:
    • Left hand - right hand
    • Left hand – left foot
    • Left hand – right foot
    • Right hand - right foot
    • Right hand - left foot
    • Right foot - left foot
Patient and user safety – WARNING!
The MAFG-03.01 Universal Biofeedback Medical Device obtains bioenergetics information from the shape of impedance frequency response of the human body connected to the channel and is used to detect/kill pathogens and cannot substitute for approved medical opinions in the treatment thereof.

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