Medical Application of Function Generator MAFG-03.01

1. Introduction

The MAFG-03.01, a CE certificated class 2 medical device, is indicated for the detection / killing of pathogenic micro-organisms from the human body. It uses a non-invasive method.

MAFG-03.01 can be used as medical device for determining the response to signal frequency and thus identifying the presence of pathogens or to kill them in six circuits in the human body, as follows:

  • Left hand - right hand
  • Left hand – left foo
  • Left hand – right foot
  • Right hand - right foot
  • Right hand - left foot
  • Right foot - left foot

2. Principle of operation

Each microorganism and each cell, viruses, bacteria and pathogens have their own electromagnetic resonant frequency (electromagnetic signature) and their presence in the body can thus be detected / killed by the MAFG-03.01 device.

In order to detect the pathogens presence in the human body the device determine the frequency response of the body in the form of current / frequency or impedance / frequency graphics (see fig. 1).

Figure 1. – Frequency graph

For that purpose software packages embedded in the channels microcontrollers are designed and installed and software packages are installed on the laptop / PC that provides synchronization between the generated signal and measured voltage and current values.
Generated signal frequency ranges, usually between 30,000Hz ... 10MHz with 0.1Hz minimum step is performed using DDS circuit (Direct Digital Synthesizer).
Phase signal is generated between 0 ... 360 degrees with a 1 degree step.

The amplitude of the output signal is provided with an integrated circuit amplifier whose amplification factor is digitally controlled in 256 steps (0 ... 255):

  • For a magnification factor of between 10 ... 30, which is used to determine the frequency response of a circuit of the human body to detect pathogenic micro-organisms the output voltage on the infinite load does not exceed 1.5Vrms.
  • For a magnification factor of 255 an output signal 12Vpp amplitude (peak to peak) and 4,25V effective value (rms) is obtained, used to kill pathogenic micro-organisms from the human body.
Proper selection of the parameters needed to detect / kill certain pathogens is essential for efficacy of the scanning / therapy of the human body by using the MAFG-03.01 device.
Detection / killing specific pathogens procedures can be automated using implemented software facilities.

3. Description of MAFG-03.01

The Medical Application of Function Generator MAFG-03.01 device, consists of:
  1. Function Generator FG-03.01 module, with two identical channels, galvanic isolated between them, galvanic isolated from LAPTOP/PC USB inputs and from Power Supply PS-03
  2. Power supply PS-03.01, 230/50 (60) Hz, 2X (+/- 12VDC) with stabilized output, which includes power cable, CR-03.01
  3. Special cable, CS-03.01 for connection of the power supply module PS-03.01 to 03.01 FG-function generator
  4. Four metallic probes with electrical receptacle, CMC-03.01
  5. Four connecting cables with dedicated colours:
    1. Red, CBR-03.01
    2. Black, CBN-03.01
    3. Yellow, CBG-03.01
    4. Blue, CBA-03.01
  6. Two standard USB cable for connection with PC / Laptops, CUSB-03.01
  7. Software package for PC / LAPTOP, MAFG-03.01
  8. PC / LAPTOP (optional)
MAFG-03.01 device configuration:

4. MAFG-03.01 device specifications:

Directive 93/42/EECMedical Device Class II Rule. 9
SR EN 60601
Type of protection against electric shock

Degree of protection against electric shock

In accordance with the method of sterilization or disinfection

In accordance with the degree of protection required in the presence of flammable anesthetics mixed with air or oxygen and nitric oxide

Depending on the operating mode

Class II

Type B



Continuous operation
SR EN 60529IP40
Dimensions (mm)
FG-03.01 Function Generator Module (L x l x h)260 x 215 x 60
PS-03.01 Power Supply (L x l x h)225 x 120 x 70
Weight (Kg)
FG-03.01 Function Generator ModuleMax. 0,8 Kg, without accesories
Max. 1,5 Kg, with accesories
PS-03.01 Power Supply1,5 Kg
FG-03.01 Function Generator Module electrical and operating specifications
FG-03.01 Voltage±12 Vcc stabilized
FG-03.01 Current140 mA, max.
FG-03.01 The frequency of the generated signal (Channel 1 and Channel 2)3.000 – 3.000.000Hz
FG-03.01 Type of generated signal (Channel 1 and Channel 2)Sinusoidal, rectangular, triangular
FG-03.01 The amplitude of the generated signal (Channel 1 and Channel 2) without loadMax. 4,25Vef
Variable frequency stepMin. 0,1Hz
Time change of frequency step1s – 9.999s
PS-03.01 Power Supply electrical and operating specifications
Input voltage230 V (±10%)/50 Hz (+2Hz/-3 Hz)
PS-03.01 Current0,14 A la 253V
FG-03.01 Frequency50 ± 2 Hz
Electrical protection FG-03.01 Function Generator Module and PS-03.01 Power Supply
Dielectric strengthDevice supports a voltage of 1.5 KV applied between AC power cord and the applicable parts for 1 minute, according to EN 60601-1.
Insulation resistanceMin. 10 MΩ
Leakage currentFG-03.01 Function Generator Module:
Max. 10,00 μA, under normal
Max. 50,00 μA, in single fault condition

PS-03.01 Power Supply:
Max. 100,00 μA, under normal
Max. 500,00 μA, in single fault condition
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature10 – 40 0C
Transport and storage temperature(– 25) – (+55) 0C
Rated Humidity30 - 75 % la 25 0C, without condensation
Other requirementsThe MAFG-03.01 works in a closed environment, protected from direct sunlight
To reduce electrostatic discharge is recommended bare wood, concrete or ceramic
Conditions for operation and maintenance
Average level of service request6 hours cumulative / day
The normal duration of use10 years

4. FAQs about MAFG-03.01 and its use:

  1. Which are the groups of diseases for which this apparatus can be used and what are the types of therapy?
    This device can be successfully used with the following types of diseases : Neuroborelioza, Chagas, Dengue, Malaria, Schistosomiaze, Leishmanioze (Leishmania Mexicana, Braziliensis, Tropica, Donovani), Micoplasmosi, Nanobacteri, Tetano, Salmonellosi, Malattia da Rotavirus, Toxoplasmosi, Colera, but also for others.
  2. How can the diagnose of the patient be made?
    This can be done in two ways:
    • Through laboratory examination for the majority of the patients and when these come for the therapy, the diagnose can be verified by doing the graphic using the device, for the group of disease indicated by the lab – to certify this. The diagnose confirmation by means of the graphic comes from the irregular graphic image obtained, with grooves like pyramid tips in the frequency area corresponding to the identified pathogen micro-organisms.
    • Directly by means of the graphic, in the case of the patients whose diseases are caused by viruses infection, oncovirus sau Cell Wall Deficient ( micro-organisms without cellular wall ) – in this case tests can be done by using graphics, applying the corresponding frequences from the speciality texts.
      The removing of the disease after the therapy with the device can be checked by the same graphic done by the device, the confirmation of the therapy success being a final image on the graphic showing a straight horizontal line.
  3. What major results have been obtained by using the device for the treatment of different diseases?
    The device has been and is being used for the whole spectrum of the causes and con-causes for diseases with degenerative tendency and awesome results have been obtained for : multiple sclerosis (ms associated retrovirus), encefalomielita mialgica (XMRV - Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Related Virus) , Neuroborelioza, Chagas, Dengue, Malaria, Schistosomiaze, Leishmanioze (Leishmania Mexicana, Braziliensis, Tropica, Donovani), Micoplasmosi, Nanobacteri, Tetano, Salmonellosi, Malattia da Rotavirus, Toxoplasmosi, Colera, but also for others.
  4. A comparison between what the device can do and the allopath medicine can’t, in the treatment of different diseases and what recommends this apparatus:
    It works in the frequencies spectrum area of the biological window of the micro-organisms existence that can also be detected by Real Time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), but because of their particular structure they can’t be now destroyed by biological or chemical pills (Viruses, micoplasma, nanobacteria, borellils, ehrlichils, toxopalasmosis, chagas, dengue). In these situations, there is the unique possibility to non – invasively work through the specific therapy used by this apparatus.
  5. Where are the frequencies for the therapy taken from?
    The frequencies are taken from the books written by world famous doctors who worked or are still working with this integrated bio-functional medicine. The main sources are: the books written by the American authors Dr. Hulda Clark and dr. Nenah Sylver, those of the Russian author dr. Grigorij Grabovoij and also other sources. For those who want to check the truthfulness of the frequency values for the diagnosed diseases, this can be confirmed by biofeedback with the soft created in Germany for Vegatest Expert apparatus where the human body organs are localized in frequency code.
  6. How can the type and time for therapy be established?
    The type and time for therapy are established by taking into consideration the size of the graphic range. For a graphic in the limits of the range corresponding to the type of the diagnosed disease, a therapy cycle lasts for 7 minutes, and a minimum of 3 – 4 cycles are always necessary. This duration is changed by increasing the number of cycles, according to the patient’s disease and the result of the graphic.
  7. The way the metallic electrodes are fixed to the patients’ hands and legs, taking into consideration the range of patients – adults or children
    The metallic electrodes are fixed by means of fabrics sleeves of the adherent sleeve kind, placed on hands and legs, and are kept in the same position ( the left hand O1, the right hand O2, the left leg O3 , the right leg O4 ) as long as the therapy lasts. For different therapy cycles, only the circuits of the command software are changed, and the hardware (function generator) really creates the waves direction through the established contacts.
  8. What are the limitations and dangers the patients are subject to, before and after the therapy?
    The following persons can’t be subject to this therapy: those with a Pace Maker, with open wounds, pregnant women and children under the age of 5. No counter effects have been observed with other kinds of patients. There is no danger for the patients because the device assures a complete protection, confirmed by the trial Reports issued by specialized institutions and recognized in the domain..
  9. If clinical studies have been made in hospitals?
    The device has been tested, in clinical conditions, by the Commission for confirming and certifying in two big hospitals in Bucharest – Romania, the Emergency University Hospital Floreasca and the Emergency Hospital St. John. The results of the tests made by the doctors on a significant number of patients confirmed the validity and accuracy of the graphic made by the device when diagnosing different groups of diseases – in the conditions when the patients’ diseases were checked before and after, through microbiology and laboratory tests. There have been also confirmed the results of the therapy tests applied to volunteers, by the fact that the laboratory tests confirmed that the disease was cured.
    The results of the above – mentioned tests and also all the checking and tests of protection and resistance of the device no matter the conditions, determined the Commission for confirming and certifying to grant MAFG – 03.01. with the CE International Certificate.